Bag Assembly Instructions

Now it’s time to put all your pieces together to make your bag!

Starting with pattern pieces 1 and 3, put them next to one another as shown in the placement chart and, using white wool, whip stitch the pieces together.

This video shows how to put the whole box together piece by piece. Feel free to fast forward.

00:00.00 Attaching Pieces 1+3
03:00:00 Attaching Piece 2
05:40:00 Attaching Piece 4
11:23:00 Attaching Piece 5
As you can see from the videos, when finishing off your thread you can bury it into the whipstitch seam you have just created for a clean finish.

To do this, hold the two pieces with the same length sides together, back to back, and line them up so the holes match. Then whip stitch as you did with a single piece but going through the two pieces at the same time creating a seam. You can start by holding the pieces flat back to back until you have them secured and then you can open the pieces out a little to make the corner of the box. Go slowly and try not to overlap your threads to get a nice finish.

Next attach piece 2 to the joined pieces 1 and 3 followed by pieces 4 and 5.

It’s easiest to attach all the outer pieces (1, 2, 4 & 5) to the central piece/bottom (3) as shown in the placement chart before folding the sides up and whip stitching the other sides together. 

Finally whip stitch the flap/piece 6 on to the assembled 5 sided box. This can be a little tricky if you have small hands but you can do it! It's easiest to attach the pieces with the clasp to hold it in the right position and then bend the top of the flap over to meet the back of the bag and whipstitch as before. 

And that’s it! Now you can put whatever you want in the bag and show it off on your next night out, or just keep things in it at home, either way, you made a beautiful thing! Yay!

Please do share your finished kits on social media and tag me in them @stitchsperation, I always love seeing things out in the wild!