What is a Stitchsperation cross stitch kit?

A Stitchsperation kit is a modern cross stitch kit with hand painted or printed fabric. Each kit contains everything you need to stitch your chosen phrase onto brightly coloured fabric. The only extra item you might need would be an embroidery hoop or snap frame to stitch it on and a picture frame to frame the finished piece.

Do I have to be a cross stitcher to do one ?

Not at all! Many people have learned to cross stitch on these kits because they wanted to hang the finished piece up in their home. I would recommend starting with one of our Mini Kits or Stitchables but if you want a slightly larger project to get your teeth into then try a regular kit.  You can also watch the How To video to help you get started.

Will you stitch it for me?

Sadly not! One of the main reasons I started Stitchsperation was to help more people get into this awesome craft. Not only is cross stitch a great mindfulness practice, it is also a fab, creative and productive way to pass time rather than endlessly scrolling on your phone while you wait for the kids to finish their dance lesson or whilst watching TV in the evening.

Whats the difference between a regular kit and a mini kit?

Regular kits are the original size kits, the fabric measures approx. 33cm x45cm with a painted area of approx. 20cm x 21cm. They come with a 4-6 page chart and use 2 or more 8m bobbins of DMC stranded embroidery floss to stitch.

Mini kit fabric measures 24cm x 32cm with a painted area of approx. 14cm x 15cm they come with one 8m bobbin of DMC stranded embroidery floss to stitch.

What’s the difference between 28ct Evenweave and 14ct Aida?

Both these fabrics produce the same size design.

Aida is what I call, 'traditional' cross stitch fabric. If you did cross stitch as a kid, you probably did it on this. The holes are very obvious and you can clearly see where the stitches go. Aida is quite stiff and and doesn't always require a frame or hoop to stitch on.  Sticthsperation kits come with 14ct aida which means your design will have 14 stitches per inch.

Evenweave may seem a little tricker as there are lots of holes, but produces a very clean background which can make the finished kit look like a print from a distance. The term evenweave applies to any fabric that is "evenly woven", so it has the same number of threads per inch in both the vertical and horizontal directions, and all the threads have the same thickness. Evenweave has more drape than aida so it's great if you want to make your finished piece into a cushion or bag.  Stitchsperation kits come with 28ct evenweve, this means there are 28 stitches per inch if you stitch through every hole but the trick with evenweave is to stitch through every other hole, therefore getting 14 stitches per inch - the same as the aida!

Can I choose my own words?

Yes! You may find the option for a custom kit here. Once you have purchased your custom kit I will be in touch via email to and will work with you to create the pattern, offering up to 2 artwork revisions. 

Please contact me before purchasing to make sure I am able to help you out - hello@stitchsperation.com. This option is great for short quotes or names.

Can I choose my own fabric colour?

Yes! I am not able to exactly colour match but I am always happy to try and get the colour as close as I can. This option is particularly popular for wedding kits.

Can I buy just the rainbow fabric without a kit?

Yes! You can find the rainbow fabric listed on it's own here, and refill bundles with painted fabric, DMC embroidery floss and needles here.

Do you sell in shops?

Yes! You may find a list of my stockists here. I'm always on the look out for new places to carry my kits. If you would like to carry them in your shop or know of somewhere that would be a great fit, please drop me a line hello@stitchsperation.com.

Do you teach workshops?

Yes! If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please get in touch!

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! I wouldn't want my international friends to miss out on the Stitchsperation goodness! If you are shopping from with the EU, please head over to my Etsy store.

How long will my kit take to arrive?

I aim to ship all orders out within 3-5 days of the order being placed. After that it depends on your location and the shipping method you have chosen.

UK First Class: 1-2 days

UK Second Class: 2-4 days

International Standard: 1-3 weeks (please be aware that there can be transit and customs delays so could take up to 5 weeks, although this is rare). This shipping method does not come with tracking.

Why does it take so long for my kit to ship?

Every kit is prepared and packed by me, this includes cutting and finishing the fabric, painting the fabric and assembling the kit, as I am a one woman show, sometimes it can take a few days. Thank you for your patience!

How should I frame my kit? 

However you like! If you don't want to take your kit to be professionally framed you can either finish it in a hoop or frame it yourself. I like to use Ikea Ribba Frames when framing mine, using the following method:. 

- Gently hand wash and dry your finished piece.

- Iron from behind over a towel so you don't flatten the stitches.

- Cut a piece of 3mm foam board to slightly smaller than the back of your frame.

- Position your design centrally over the foam board and using stainless steel flat-headed pins, secure the stitching to the foam board by pushing a pin into the foam part of the board at the centre of each side. 

- Repeat along each edge, gradually working out from the centre pin and gently pulling the fabric tight as you go, be careful not to pull too tight and distort the stitching. Keep checking that your work is still central.

- Once the piece is pinned all the way round, you can lace the back with a needle and thread or if you're lazy like me,  stick it down with masking tape.

- Pop the stretched piece into the frame and put it up in pride of place! Please ensure the stitches are not touching the glass as this isn't good for the stitches

Can I resell the pattern?

My designs are protected by copyright law and are for personal use only.

Will the colour rub off the fabric when I'm stitching?

The colour on the fabric is completely colourfast and won't come off on your hands when stitching or after washing your piece. I've even painted fabric with this and run it through the washing machine and the colour stays bright!

What dyes do you use to paint your fabric?

My fabric dyes are my secret sauce! I spent a year before I launched my business testing out lots of products and combinations of products to find the perfect ones that created bright and lasting colour, even after hours of stitching and washing. In other words, I'm not telling!

Return & Refund Policy

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​If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to email me at hello@stitchsperation.com.

Additional product photography by Stacy Grant and Holly Booth Studio.