Advent Pattern - 5

Pattern piece five! This time use the canvas in landscape orientation just like on the pattern.

Make sure you stitch with the two ‘holes’ shown on the pattern as black vertical lines: |   |  at the bottom of the canvas as shown on the chart. Yes, the letters are upside down on this one!

This is the trickiest part of the project. I’ve tried it a few ways and this is the easiest order in which to stitch it. It’s a great idea to scroll down and watch the video on this one! You need to stitch each cross stitch as a whole avoiding crossing the back threads over the gaps, but also trying to keep whole stitches without the canvas there to hold them!


Here's a little video of how I stitched mine. As I mentioned before this is one of many ways I've tried to do it and the one that seems to work the best. Feel free to try your own way, just make sure no threads are crossing the back (or front) of the holes in the canvas and try not to lose the cross shape in the stitch (but no biggie if it ends up looking a bit like whipstitch).