How to Add a Clasp

To attach your clasp you will need some pliers (or strong hands - you'll see from the video I probably should have got my pliers out!) and a small screwdriver.

Taking pattern piece 5 and the toggle part of your clasp poke the two ‘wings’ of the clasp through those two holes you had to expertly stitch around. Add the strengthening bar and then, using your pliers, bend the wings outward away from one another until they are flat against the canvas. Try not to bend them too many times as this can weaken the metal and cause them to snap.

Next, it’s time to attach the ‘hole’ part of the clasp to the outer of the bag. Take the clasp ‘hole’ and pattern piece 6. Separate the clasp hole into two pieces, if it isn’t already, by removing the screws - you will need your screwdriver for this. Then line up the front of the clasp (the shiny piece with the rounded indentations) in front of the hole, and the back (the piece with the textured finish) on the back of the canvas. Using the screws, attach the two pieces together, sandwiching your canvas in between them. Before you completely tighten the screws, make sure the clasp is centred over the hole in the middle of the bag front.

Now it's time to put it all together!